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Matthew Hynes and CONECTIO Join Forces

We're super excited to join forces with Matt Hynes and welcome him to our team!

Matt is a total rockstar when it comes to Recruitment and Talent Acquisition. He's worked with some big names like Microsoft, IBM, Abbott, and NTT.

Matt loves working with people and has helped tons of start-ups, scale-ups, and international corporations with their technical & commercial hiring.

His regional experiences are summarized in the following heatmap (the darker, the more intense the results):

How did his journey start?

Back in 2007, Matt joined one of the UK’s first companies providing RPO services, where he worked with Pegasystems, Lombardi (IBM), and Omniture (Adobe), providing recruitment process, hiring, and training services across Western and Central Eastern Europe.

In 2010, Matt and his wife moved to the Czech Republic, where he joined Microsoft as their Recruitment Manager for the Czech subsidiary. Not only was he responsible for all hiring, Matt is also a huge ally for DEI increasing gender representation significantly within the business.

More recently, Matt has been providing a range of Talent Acquisition and Training services to companies like NTT, Securiti, and SIRVA, and has successfully completed assignments across Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Matt's extensive international experience in Talent Acquisition is a huge asset for our large international clients requiring cost-effective, scalable, and quick to assist results.

And clients?

Our clients at Conectio will have the privilege to harness expertise in the following areas within the international sphere:

  1. Talent Acquisition Mastery: Very successful services across Central and Western Europe.

  2. Talent Development Virtuoso: Innovative services from "Smart Hiring" up to the pinnacle of “Leadership academy”. 

Here’s a glimpse into the diverse range of our services in the those areas:

Recruitment & Executive Search:

  • Set up the recruitment process and strategies according to Hiring Manager requirements and target market specifics

  • End to end candidate and stakeholder management

  • Acting as a liaison between candidate, Hiring Manager and local HR when it comes to relocation process and on-boarding

  • Establish candidate experience and acting actively in employer branding via social media activities

  • Advisor in benchmarking and country specific recruitment standards

  • Sharing expertise in competency-based candidate assessment

Talent Acquisition Management

  • Support in defining & executing the TA strategy (Branding, Diversity etc.)

  • Team and people leadership

  • Senior stakeholder management

  • Leading recruiter on senior and/or difficult to fill roles

  • Providing Smart Hiring training

  • Leading Employer brand activities

  • Providing mentoring to a new assigned internal person

Talent Development

  • Smart Hiring for hiring managers and HR

  • Talent assessment and Discovery Camps

  • Wellbeing – Adaptive resilience and Mindfulness

  • Sales and Communication

  • Soft skills via gamification and videogames 

  • Leadership academy

When will you see Matt?

You can join us for an exciting meeting with Matt Hynes on April 9, 2024.

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