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Microsoft Work Trend Index 2022: Hybrid work and generational views on working in the metaverse

There are more people considering leaving their jobs or already leaving. New workforce statistics reveal insights into the current mindset of employees. It starts with the question of when to even go to the office and continues to the question of why work or whether "it's even worth it." And there will be no coming back.

What do you need to know?

  • Microsoft has published its Work Trend Index 2022 report.

  • It provides insight into why more employees are considering a change.

  • It also reveals how different generations view the future of the metaverse.

The attrition rate will grow

One of the key findings from this year's report is that 43% of employees are likely to consider leaving their current jobs, a further 2% increase since the last survey. While 17% of workers actually left their jobs in 2020, 2021 showed that the trend has accelerated.

Mental health is more important than salary

Mental health was the dominant reason, with 24% of respondents identifying it as their number one reason for leaving. Work-life balance also reached 24%.

Other reasons included COVID-19 risks (21%), lack of trust in management (21%) and lack of flexibility in terms of time or location (21%). Not getting a pay rise or promotion was more likely to be the opposite, with only 19% citing this as a reason for leaving.

Microsoft's survey also found that 53% of respondents were considering prioritising health and mental wellbeing over their job, an increase on what it used to be before Covid.

Managers sometimes literally "drive out" employees

The statistics related to managers are alarming. For example, the fact that 74% describe them as having no power to make meaningful changes for their employees, and 54% feel that management is "out of touch" with employees.

Metaverse and generations

In terms of generational statistics, 52% of Generation Z and millennials are considering leaving their jobs to move to a new employer, a 3% year-on-year increase. 51% of Generation Z believe they will be performing metaverse work activities in the next two years. 48% of millennials predict the same, while 37% of Gen X plan to do the same. It remains to be seen how the metaverse will be part of the workplace.

Another statistic claims that 52% of employees plan to work remotely or hybrid. There has also been an increase in after-hours work, which means managers and leaders will need to set firmer boundaries to prevent flexible working from becoming a 24/7 job.

How to measure employee behaviour, the risk of burnout or the impact managers have on the work environment is something we address with support from Microsoft Viva.

Source: Microsoft Work Trend Index 2022 a Windows Central, 16. březen 2022


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