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87% of employees say they are productive at work. Only 12% of leaders believe this.

Since 2010, we have made it easier for large and medium-sized companies to work with managers, talent and coping with situations that require constant development and change.

We provide services in the following three areas:


Managing teams in a hybrid work environment is different, requiring a greater focus on people and relationships.

People & Digital

We subordinate our services to the "People & Digital" strategy. We use modern trends and digitalization to achieve the best possible results.

They have worked on projects at successful companies such as NTT, ProductBoard, ING Bank, Barrandov Studio, EUC, PriceFx, Ferring and others. 

We are helped by globally proven technologies and methodologies of our partners, such as Microsoft, SAP, Gamelearn, FledgeHR, KnackApp, SIY Global, Barrett Value Center and others. 

We worked for:

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