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How do you find out what influenced the results of your Engagement Survey?

Imagine you are an HR manager who has just received a report that says: "The results of the latest Engagement Survey confirm that some employees believe they are not empowered enough to do their jobs."

Why Viva Insights?

Therefore, to fix this unwanted situation, you decide to find out the causes. You will dive into the report for your entire organisation in Viva Insights. These will give you a more detailed understanding of the relationships between managers and employees, and at the same time offer you concrete steps on how to achieve better managerial effectiveness in your organisation.

The following steps described below are a practical guide to ensure that the assignment from the introduction of this post can be completed quickly, easily and based on data.

Get Started

Browsing in Microsoft Teams, you open Viva Insights and the "My organisation" view. You go to the statistics section, specifically select the "Develop Effective Managers" output. Then you click on "Promote coaching and development" to see "See your insight". Finally, you select "Explore the stats".

From this point on, you will be able to select your desired time horizon and view data related to manager effectiveness. With the help of filters you can select data for example for the last 3 months and a view of specific groups within the organisation.

What do you see?

The bar chart "Meeting hours with direct manager" reveals, among other things, that in the case of the Sales division, for example, its manager is personally present at more than half of the meetings, expressed in net real time.

This fact indicates an above-average time commitment of the manager, which at the same time represents an opportunity to improve the divisional process of delegating tasks to subordinates. In the time freed up, the manager could focus on other strategic tasks.

However, there is much more to be gleaned from the data shown besides the specific example given.

Image: example of time allocation of managers in Viva Insights

Back to the initial task

Now let's go back to the assignment from the introduction for you: 'The results of the latest Engagement Survey confirmed that some employees believe they are not empowered enough to do their jobs'.

Now you know how Viva Insights can help you with this task.


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