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Corporate education in the form of video games

Discover the dynamics of #videogames for more fun and effective learning.

Compared to traditional e-learning, you move in a simulated and visually pleasing environment and receive personalized feedback on your decision.

V jaké situaci se bude vaše společnost nacházet za 3 až 5 let?

V jakém kroku implementace HR informačního systému se nacházíte?

The game PACIFIC: leadership  & team management
Your ability to lead and motivate your team determines the chance of survival.  You are assigned a team of people with whom you go through the game and improve your leadership and motivation skills. You play when you want and receive individual feedback on your actions that only you can see.

SHAKA: Active listening
You take on the role of Adam. Adam is a young police officer who, while visiting an art gallery, finds himself in the middle of a robbery in progress.

The success or failure of forensics depends on your ability to use active listening correctly.

AQUA: Effective feedback 
In a practical way, it will help participants improve their communication skills in work and personal life.
Participants will learn how to provide effective feedback that leads to behavior change. 
The game uses a series of realistic simulators and encourages participants to see feedback as part of effective communication. It supports other skills such as empathy, result orientation, interpersonal relations, problem solving, decision making, teamwork. 

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