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The path from transactional HR

Introduction of HRIS selection methodology: 

to a system that adapts to what is to come

Choosing the right HRIS is not easy. 

Will you choose to stick to one robust system, or will you integrate different applications?

How do you align views between HR and IT or describe future HR needs?

In the end, the most difficult thing may be to enforce the HR idea with the company's management.

Meeting topic:

Get answers and tips:

How do you discuss future HR needs today?

You will hear what such a discussion might look like and how it will affect the very choice of HRIS in a large company.


Do you use customer satisfaction tools for a better employee experience?

You will be introduced to the HR trend, wherein there are no transactions or administration, there is a demand for a better "Employee experience".


Can you create a quality assignment for the selection of the HR system?

You will learn about a proven assignment process that supports corporate strategy, HR priorities, and gains cross-company support.


  • Interactive online meeting in the MS Teams environment with the possibility to ask questions

Who is it for:

  • HR leaders who deal with the digitalisation of HR in large companies

  • Managers who decide on the digitalisation of the company

What you get:

  • A sample of one of the 13 HR trends and a demonstration of the methodology for selecting the digital HR platform


  - Dana Hořejší , Chief HR Consultant, CONECTIO

  - Martina Možná , Senior HR Consultant, CONECTIO

  - moderated by Roman Šuk , Partner CONECTIO



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