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Objective screening of the level of digitalisation of core HR processes
Companies need to manage HR flexibly, while optimising costs. The solution can be digitalisation, which simplifies processes, reduces errors and frees hands for strategic HR work, which then supports the business more.

Where to start?

For the right decisions, it is necessary to answer the following questions in particular:  

  • How is our company compared to the market?  

  • Where to start digitalising immediately and where to wait?  

  • What are the risks in terms of HR, labour obligations and technology? 

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HR Digi Screening
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What does the tool provide?

HR Digi Screening measures the level of digitalisation of HR processes from recruitment to employee departure. It compares the results with the average results from other companies. You get an overview of your strengths, but also the opportunities to start first.

How are we doing with the digitalisation of HR processes in the Czech Republic?

The average results so far in the Czech Republic show that one of the least digitalised processes is the important process of onboarding and adaptation. On the contrary, the departure of employees, which is often not so much emphasized, is surprisingly digitalised at a relatively high level.  

Another aspect is the use of electronic signatures in individual HR processes. HR Digi Screening identifies risks and, depending on the specific process, proposes an appropriate level of electronic signature to be used. 

HR Digi screening 20200927.png

Figure: Average level of digitalisation in the Czech Republic in  comparison with the company awarded the Top Employer 2020 certification

How difficult will the preparation of HR Digi Screening be for you?


How time is it?

-   On your company side, you will need 4 to 8 hours of time (individual steps in the question below)
   In general, expect 2 to 4 weeks from the beginning of filling in to obtaining the final report

Who should attend?

-   A representative who knows in detail the processing of individual HR processes and has an overall overview of their digitalisation
   Usually, the HR director has this knowledge together with the HR Admin and possibly the HRIS owner

What is the course of HR Digi Screening?

-   First you fill in three structured questionnaires (1 to 2 hours)
   Then you have one to two online interviews (2 to 4 hours) 
-   HR consultant prepares a report with results and recommendations (without your time investment)
   Presentation of the final report for the contracting authority or the company management (1 to 2 hours)

Want to know more? Write to us


We have made HR Digi Screening available for you in two levels: Full and Lite.

In both, you will get a comparison of the level of digitalisation of your HR processes with the market in the Czech Republic. The service is charged, Full for 48,000 CZK and Lite for 10,000 CZK.

After sending, check your inbox or spam. At the same time as the invitation, you will receive a legal document  recommendations on which HR documents you can digitise and with what risk. 

Thank you! We are currently sending to your e-mail  instructions for completion. Search your inbox or spam.

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