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Do you have a talent for remote work?

Do you think that the talent for remote work cannot be measured? Imagine preparing future managers and you know who of them has top talent to manage remote teams.

And what if it works in 30 minutes?

In 30 minutes, you get a comparison of your overall talent for working remotely with the population, and you also gain partial talents, such as the ability to adapt, read the emotions of others, and work with them remotely.

How can we measure it?

We use the KNACK assessment tool. He uses mobile phone games and tests individuals or entire teams in a fun way in 20 to 30 minutes.

Why games?

Because it is a game, it does not torture the participant with the assessment center, it is pleasant especially for young people, it immediately gets them into the flow and naturally tests approx. 2,500 "micro" behaviors and their interrelationships in real time.

Is it credible?

Behind the development is, for example, Alvin Roth, who won the Nobel Prize in Game Theory and Economics, and its reliability is verified against the population in the USA, Europe and Asia. It uses, for example, IBM, Shell or Generali.

What does the result look like?

The result is a graphical report on how you treat the population in individual skills and an overall view of the talents for teleworking. If a large team is tested, you get a ranking of top talents. The best in practice will then go completely alone, teleworking will be natural for them, they will enjoy it and they will be the best in it!

So how does it work?

One graduate wrote: “Indeed, in just ten to twenty minutes, the game has gathered enough information to assess my abilities. Of course, I was skeptical if the mobile game could reveal anything. KNACK revealed more than a four-hour SAT test of my potential in a matter of minutes. "

Despite the fun and engaging experience of playing Knack, some serious science is happening under the hood.

What exactly

It is using the psychological state of "Flow", which is difficult to achieve in a personal interview.

The game monitors approximately 2,500 micro-behaviors, including active and passive decisions, actions, reactions, learning, and more, and evaluates them in real time and measures an individual's potential.

Can predict an individual's potential through predictive data models.

What is the statistical model and what does the result 91 mean, for example?

All scores express how an individual and their individual outcome stand against the global population expressed by a percentile of ratings. The number 91 really means the percentile and that I am in the top 9% of the population.

You can test your talent now

You will only need 30 minutes of your time and correctly follow the next three steaps at:


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