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Nationwide quality assessment of HR processes.

Intergenerational cooperation & artificial intelligence in HR.


In this year's People & Culture Barometer, we focus on two areas that are driving the HR world this year - intergenerational collaboration and artificial intelligence.

The questionnaire assesses the quality of engagement trends in your company's HR processes. Upon completion, you will receive a score for each area expressed as a number from 1 to 100.

In addition, you will receive a customized comparison with the market after the completion of the year.

What to youwill participation bring?

  • Individual result according to individual categories.

  • Comparison with other companies on the Czech and Slovak market.

  • An invitation and entry to the event where the top 3 companies with the best results will receive the award.

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Looking back at the last year

The overall winner of the People & Culture Barometer for 2022 is Gasnet. Congratulations!

Helena Steinerová, Senior Manager, Recruitment & Development, GasNet, s.r.o. commented:

The results showed that we are doing our job well in HR,

which definitely increases the motivation of the whole team.

At the same time, we can see in which areas we can still work.

Best Practice in Recruitment

Best Practice in Recruitment

The recruitment process was the highest rated process in the previous year. We have developed best practices based on the companies that were rated the highest.


They are compiled in 15 pages and can now be used to improve the quality of your own HR work.



How is it evaluated?

  • The progress of core HR processes or priority areas is assessed.

  • The assessment is based on questions from policy and practice, digitalisation and business benefits.

  • The assessment is conducted online at a time of your choosing, for a total investment 30-40 minutes.

  • You can divide the completion among several people in your organisation.

Project guarantors

  • The main guarantor is Martina Šmidochová with 20+ years of experience in HR management & consulting.

  • Expert guarantor for intergenerational cooperationi is Eva Uhlová with 15 years of experience in HR .

  • The expert guarantor for artificial intelligence is Roman Šuk, a graduate of Robotics at the CVUT in Prague.

​Next steps


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