We innovate management development, communication and sales. We enable HR digitization with our partners Cornerstone, Kudos, Microsoft and LinkedIn. We leverage international experiences in HR management. 


We bring innovation to education, management development, communication, and sales. An example – for instance – would be complementing our management academies by social communication trainings, gamification and untraditional experiences. We draw on concepts respected throughout the world, including Better Buyer Relationship, Think On Your Feet, MBTI, Situational Leadership, the Barrett Value Centre, and LinkedPro

Management Development

People are the key to every company. The one person with the most influence on an employee’s motivation and, subsequently, their retention, is the manager. Thinking on your feet is key here – especially for young managers – as is researching new information, sharing your know-how with others, listening to more experienced members of the team, and working with feedback.

Our management academies are based on a structured, time-proven approach complemented by new elements. These can include, for instance, round table talks, group discussions, and other unorthodox methods, all of which turn the learning process into an unforgettable experience. At the same time, the managers also spontaneously become part of a program that brings actual results.

Sales in New Era

It is not uncommon for sales representatives and consultants to use techniques developed for the world of the past. How can they ‘make it’ among their competition? Sales models change and sales representatives must adapt, learning to develop relationships at a faster pace and with different people than before, and using communication channels that have only been around for the last few years.

We focus mainly on sales in technology, services, and finance. Our approach is usually based on the Better Buyer Relationships™ development program introduced in Smarter Selling, a bestseller by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert, published by the Financial Times in 2011. The method brings an immediate change to the way you develop business relationships, and will pleasantly surprise your customers too.

LinkedIn Social Selling

Imagine meeting a lead in person. You know you are meeting for the first time, but when they shake your hand, they say: ‘Hello. Haven’t we met?’


Quite an advantage, isn’t it? Social Selling helps you incorporate it into all the relationships you aim to develop. We use the modern concept of LinkedPro, statistically proven by companies such as Microsoft, SalesForce, and LinkedIn. We support developing business relationships both on and offline (from meeting in person to communicating through social media).


Top presentation skills are no longer the greatest challenge in business communication. Today, the most important skill is being able to express your thoughts quickly and efficiently, in a way that will allow others to understand you and lead to the expected effect.

We draw on the internationally respected Think On Your Feet™ concept, which we present in the form of a practical workshop addressing the quick, clear, and effective analysis, organization, and presentation of one’s thoughts.

Human Resources

Being acquainted with the processes of human potential management (HR processes), and – more importantly – being able to use them, is something that works to every manager’s advantage. Managers specializing in HR will then benefit from an even deeper understanding of the field. We offer a comprehensive educational program consisting of separate modules and various forms of education, whose aim is to support HR as a partner business.

Coaching and Mentoring

Finally, we support the concept of development through coaching and mentoring, helping our clients grow and anchor any newly gained skills. We aid clients in tapping into their own potential, especially in the area of leadership skills development, increasing one’s efficiency and confidence, reaching specific goals or developing communication skills.

We draw on a network of experienced coaches and mentors with various specializations.

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We support digital transformation with the help of global leaders such as Cornerstone OnDemand, Kudos, Microsoft or LinkedIn. Using technologies the right way helps secure fresh talent, retain the most effective employees of all generations, and change corporate culture, as well as helping with motivation, recognition, communication, and sales.



The HR Information System saves time and motivates employees, allowing the management to concentrate on direct work, whether with employees or with clients. The HR department can use the information system to effectively manage its processes; the management can tap into the system’s database when making decisions.


The system consists of modules that support key agendas: employee recruitment and selection, onboarding, performance management, social communication, education and development (LMS), remuneration, and successorship, succession planning including 360 assessment. It draws on mobile technologies, social communication, and mutual cooperation, and presents a unique and conceptual way of managing talent across the organization.

Talent Management

Unifying talent management throughout the organization will allow you to manage all stages of the employee’s lifecycle on a single platform. One data model, one login, one interface – and only one support team.

Here are some of the things your employees will say:

‘The last time I was job hunting, I was able to apply directly through my LinkedIn profile. Didn’t take more than a minute!’
‘I feel the company has designed an on-boarding process tailored to my needs. I’ve had this feeling from my very first day.’
‘I don’t have to waste time with e-mails anymore. I find the social communication we use much more convenient.’
‘I can complete some of the required trainings on my phone during my commute.’
‘No more yearly reviews. I receive feedback on a regular basis and know where my career is headed.’

Social Recognition

A transparent and flexible system for expressing employee recognition, Social Recognition motivates and supports corporate culture in accordance with the company’s values. At the same time, it also works as a corporate social network, providing a platform for discussions and sharing on the level of both the individual and the team. The system can also easily tie into existing communication tools such as Yammer, SharePoint or LinkedIn.

Here are some of the things people have said:

‘Kudos is the first social network to actually include even those who don’t use a computer. At the same time, it brings networks like Yammer or SharePoint to life.’
‘I’ve worked with Kudos. It motivated me in my work and gave me new energy.’
‘My generation uses social networks way more than outdated e-mails and portals. Kudos fits in with my style.’
‘At first I had my doubts, but I have to admit I found direct recognition by colleagues very motivating. It helped us change the vibe in our team.’

Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise social networks are very different from public networks such as Facebook. Using them influences both the company’s management and employees, providing motivation and shaping the organization’s corporate culture. Corporate social networks resonate especially with the younger generation, including them in what’s going on in a way already familiar to them.

Enterprise social networks pave the way for a faster onboarding of new employees, an increase in activity, and education support. They reduce the amount of e-mail and offer a secure space to communicate with outside suppliers.

It is, however, necessary to learn how to work with this network – when and where to use it, how to be an active user, and what to look for in the first few weeks.

Teamwork SharePoint, Office 365

In the days of lightning fast technology development, teamwork, information management and the effective use of the tools at your employees’ disposal are of crucial importance.


We share our experience with our clients, showing them how to share various types of information, draft documents in a team while saving time, and use the right tools at the right time.


We can prepare a change process on working with information on a modern platform, Office 365. In our work, we draw on the newest trends in teamwork.


Tap into LinkedIn’s potential to support your brand, both personal and corporate, increase your influence on a specific target group, and network effectively.


We will guide your company’s management through a series of simple, practical and effective steps that will lead to new business opportunities. Aside from other advantages, LinkedIn draws on the digital tools and internal processes already used in your organization.

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When changing corporate culture, transforming the selling process, or improving HR management, we always draw on our own experience gained in international companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, PwC or Volkswagen Financial Services. 


HR Outsoursing

HR and payroll management services include the following: recruiting and selecting suitable candidates, managing employees’ personal files, updating the work code, drafting employment contracts, and keeping on top of employees’ medical assessments and compulsory trainings.

The service is a useful tool especially for growing companies that have to focus on their business. It comes with a digital platform and the advice of an experienced HR specialist, who is always available on the phone, through e-mail, or at the work place. We can also represent you during inspections and ensure you are compliant with legal limits.


A professional recruitment process can have a vast effect on the company’s reputation and its image on the market. We help our clients reach their goals – succession planning, selecting and recruiting suitable candidates, setting and coordinating the recruitment process, or assessing applicants’ skills and abilities through psycho diagnostic testing.

We find candidates in our own network of contacts, on social networks, through a creative direct approach, by targeted advertising and through executive search.

Sales Activation

Modern-day selling has changed. Most buying decisions now take place before the sales representative meets with the client; in addition, these decisions are often made by different people and are partly based on information found on social networks.

We use a number of techniques that have an immediate impact on the sales process.

Interim Management

Interim management is a quick way for an experienced HR manager or specialist to share their expertise in the setting of processes and finding solutions to HR-related issues.

The main advantage of interim management is the ability to solve problems quickly and save payroll costs. With their know-how, an interim manager can provide more effective solutions, improving the long-term effectiveness of company processes. Last but not least, interim management also saves the client the necessity to recruit an otherwise expensive expert.

Leadership and Change Through Values

The success of a company is based on more than a set of corporate values. Do these values really influence the work of the people in the organization? Do they actually guide decision-making processes? It has been shown that the profit of companies managed through values is significantly higher than that of companies managed in another way.


The services we offer include an analysis of our client’s corporate values. We ask questions such as ‘Do you have the right people in the right place?’ or ‘How can a leader’s personal values influence the company?’. In addition, we also offer entry points for corporate strategy, change management and leadership development.


Outplacement service represents a comprehensive support program for employees that are being let go. It is a package of services offering a solution to the economic, social and psychological issues surrounding the loss of employment, and can be used both with individuals and in the case that a larger number of employees are being let go.

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