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How to increase the influence of HR on the strategic management of the organization and better manage work flexibility? Effective digitization frees up hands for strategic work and greater business support.

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HR Systémy

- Microsoft Viva

- FledgeHR

- SAP SuccessFactors

- Poradenství s výběrem HRIS

Adopce inovací HR

- Workshopy pro management

- Screening úrovně digitalizace

- Zaškolení HR, manažerů

- Implementace HR systémů a  change management

Umělá inteligence

- Zaškolení HR

- Právní poradenství

- Inovace pro HR

Examples for HR digitalization

Employee experience, flexibility, wellbeing, MS Viva

"Future of Work" is here.

Help teams balance productivity and personal well-being based on  data.


Digitalization in Talent Development

Gamified Management Development

It develops team leadership skills.

97% of graduates used the experience gained in their practice and 99% improved their skills.



Choosing the right HRIS

Methodologies for selecting HRIS, the journey from transactional HR to a system that adapts to what is to come next

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